Indian Footwear Industry



A Snapshot

  • Second largest manufacturer in the world
  • 95% of the production consumed domestically
  • 2.06 Billion Pairs produced annually  

    • Leather Footwear 909 million pairs
    • Non-Leather Footwear 1056 million pairs
    • Leather Shoe Uppers 100 million pairs
  • Export value in 2013-14 US$ 2.53 billion
  • Per capita consumption of footwear 2 pairs
  • Employs about 1 million - Women employment predominant
  • Nearly 70% of India’s Export of Footwear is to EU 60% and USA 12%


Footwear Production Centres in India

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The major production centers in India are Chennai, Ranipet, Ambur in Tamil Nadu, Mumbai in Maharastra, Kanpur in U.P., Jalandhar in Punjab, Agra, Delhi, Karnal, Ludhiana, Sonepat, Faridabad, Pune, Kolkata, Calicut and Ernakulam. About 1.10 million are engaged in the footwear manufacturing industry.

Footwear exported from India are Dress Shoes, Casuals, Moccasins, Sport Shoes, Horrachies, Sandals, Ballerinas, Boots, Sandals and Chappals made of rubber, plastic, P.V.C. and other materials.