Council for Leather Exports (CLE), India

The Council for Leather Exports (CLE), India is the single largest and Apex body for the International Promotion and Overall Development of the Indian Leather including Footwear Industry. CLE is an autonomous organisation functioning under the aegis of Ministry of Commerce & Industry, Government of India. It is the notified Export Promotion organization for entire leather, leather products & footwear sectors and has over 3,500 companies as registered members. For more information on CLE    Read More


International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians (UITIC)

The International Union of Shoe Industry Technicians (UITIC) founded in 1972 and operational in 27 countries aims to disseminate & develop technical developments and knowledge in the footwear industry. Towards this, UITIC regularly organizes forums for information exchange and also recognizes contributions to technological developments in the footwear industry. For more information on UITIC   Read More


Scientific Committee of the 19th UITIC Congress

For each edition of the UITIC Congress a Scientific Committee is constituted to decide on the sub-themes once the main theme has finalized by UITIC and the host country. The number of sessions are there after decided depending on the number of themes. The goals of the Scientific Committee are:

  • validate the subject of each session
  • prepare the call for proposal (for oral and visual presentation)
  • select the speakers
  • finalize the congress program
  • participate to congress animation

The Committee usually comprises 2 Members for the host country, 4-5 Executive Committee Members of UITIC and the General Secretary of UITIC.


Indian Footwear Industry

India is the second largest producer of footwear in the world. The Indian footwear sector is the ‘growth engine’ of the Indian Leather Industry. A significant niche player in global footwear trade the Indian footwear industry has ambitious plans to further consolidate and expand. For more information on Indian Footwear Industry   Read More

19th UITIC Congress Presentation

19th UITIC Congress Video