Congress Program Summary

February 2nd 2016, Tuesday
11 am 
Press Conference
4:00 pm to 8:00 pm  Registration
7:00 pm Welcome Cocktail & Dinner

February 3rd 2016, Wednesday
08:00 am                 Start from ITC Chola Hotel for FACTORY VISITS
06:00 pm Arrival at the hotel
07:30 pm Dinner

February 4th 2016, Thursday
09:30 am                

Opening session:-

9.30 am-9.35am – Welcome by 19th UITIC Convener-Mr Aqeel Ahmed, CLE
9.35 am - 9:40 am – Special Address by President Mr Morin UITIC
9.40 am -9. 50 am – Inaugural Address by Chairman Mr. M. Rafeeque Ahmed, CLE

Official Inauguration by the Honorable Chief Guest

9.55 am – 10:05 am – Address by Honorable Chief Guest
10.05 am – 10:15 am – Address by Honorable Guest of Honour
10:15 am – 10:20 am – Vote of Thanks by Mr R Ramesh Kumar,ED, CLE

10:20 am

Introductory lectures, by Jayne Esteve (UK) and Sergio Dulio (Italy):

From the millennial fashion consumer to the millennial footwear factory.

10:50 am

Session I:Manufacturing based on the needs of the consumers-Part 1

Chairmen: Mrs Satyam Srivastava & Mr Uwe Thamm

Introduction by Mr Paquin:

Consumers are always right, but do they really know what they want?
How can a shoe company work under such uncertaincies?

  • ELISA LOPEZ ALANIZ, CIATEC, A.C. “Integration of the footwear design and development area in the modern factory”, Mexico
  • Vera PINTO, Centro Tecnológico do calçado de Portugal, “Footwear Functionalized at a Nanoscale”, Portugal

Timing with 2 speeches: Introductory lecture: 10 mm, Speakers introduction: 2mm, speeches 2*15 = 30min, Q/A:10min

Total: 45 min approximately

11:35 am Break
11:55 am

Session I: A manufacturing based on the needs of the consumers – part 2

Chairmen: Mrs Satyam Srivastava & Mr Uwe Thamm

  • Victorien PICOLET, CTC, “Development Senior shoes, a new direction through biomechanics”, France
  • Bruno MARELLI, OOM EXPORTS AGRA “Made to Measure Shoes in Mass Production”, India
  • Miguel Angel MARTINEZ, Inescop, “Lessons from 3 examples on customized footwear projects: technology perspective

Timing with 3 speeches: speakers introduction: 4mn, speeches 3*15 = 45mn , Q/A:15mn

Total: 60 mn approximatively

1:00 pm –2.15 pm Lunch
02:15 pm

Session II:– Intelligent factory and smart supply chain – part 1

Chairmen: Mr Ricardo Guerra Sanchez & Dr Das

Introduction by Mr Orgilès

Footwear and technology base

  • Michele CANTELLA, ATOMLab, “Advanced man machine interfaces for the factory of the future”, Italy
  • Gautham GOPALAKRISHNA, CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute (CSIR-CLRI), “Material Optimization and Computation of Footwear Consumption Norms”, India
  • Maria José FERREIRA, Centro Tecnológico do calçado de Portugal, “High Speed Shoe Factory”, Portugal

Timing with 3 speeches: Introductory lecture: 20 mm with Translation, Speakers introduction: 3mm, speeches 3*15 = 45mn, Q/A: 15mn
Total: 80 mm approximately

3.35 pm - 04:00 pm Break
04:00 pm

Session II:– Intelligent factory and smart supply chain – part 2

Chairmen: Mr Ricardo Guerra Sanchez & Dr Das

  • To be confirmed
  • Richa RAJPUT & Prerak Mittal, Footwear Design and Development Institute, Kolkata “Necessity of services in footwear sector”, India
  • Klaus FREESE, KLOECKNER DESMA Schuhmaschinen GmbH “Shoes produced by smart robots”, Germany
  • LI SHU, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, “The Establishment of Foot Model Based on CT Images”, China
  • Samy Vaikundamani, Nike, Foot wear Manufacturing”, India

Timing with 5 speeches: Speakers introduction: 5mm, speeches 4*15 = 60mn, Q/A: 15mn
Total: 80 mm approximately

05.30 pm First day closure
7.00 pm Cocktail & Recreational Activities
08:00 pm Official Gala Diner and UITIC Awards

February 5th 2016, Friday

Opening session - UITIC general assembly report to Congress
Session III :Sustainability and regulatory trends impacting on factories

Chairmen: Mr Leandro de Melo & Mr Sergio Dulio

Introduction by Mr Teppest

Transparency in the supply chain - the expectations of consumers and NGO´s

  • Sergio ALONSO, CIATEC AC, “Tannery blue waste as raw material for plastic composites fabrication”, Mexico
  • Jean-Claude CANNOT, CTC, “Study of the variation of chromium VI content inside the leather used in footwear”, France
  • John HUBBARD, SATRA Technology, “Sustainability benefits for shoemakers using SATRA production efficiency tools”, United Kingdom
  • Patricia PINEIRO, Spanish federation of footwear industry “Footwear carbon footprint calculation”, Spain
  • William WONG, Goddess,  “Sustainability and regulatory trends impacting on factories”, Hong Kong

Timing with 5 speeches: Introductory lecture: 10 mm, Speakers introduction: 5mn, speeches 5*15 = 75mn, Q/A: 15mn

Total: 105 mn approximately
10:30 am Break

Session IV:Attractive footwear factories and new way of management

Chairmen: Mrs Françoise Nicolas & Mr Miguel Angel Martinez

Introduction by Mr Schmell

The human drive of the future shoe industry

  • Raja CHIDAMBARAM URs Productively “Bench Marking and Beyond: A Web supported Business Excellence Model for Footwear Industry”, India
  • Ivan KRAL, United Nations Industrial Development Organization, “Future professional training in leather based industries (Experience from eLearning courses developed by UNIDO)”, Austria
  • Pascal MATTEO, ARS SUTORIA SCHOOL s.r.l., “Step 2 Sustainability”, Italy
  • Aura MIHAI, Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iasi, “Creative transfer of skills and competence in 3d footwear CAD”, Romania
  • Elisabeth ROUILLER, International Shoe Competence Center Pirmasen, “The Importance of Training and Further Education”, Germany
  • Sadiq Md SADIQ CSIR-Central Leather Research Institute (CSIR-CLRI) “Travel of India: In Fashion forecasting for leather”, India

Timing with 6 speeches: Introductory lecture: 10 mn, Speakers introduction: 6mm, speeches 6*15 = 90mn, Q/A: 15mn
Total: 130 mm approximately

01:00pm Closure ceremony - Chairman of UITIC and Chairman of CLE
01:15pm Lunch buffet